Submitted Anonymously

Tonight, June 25, was okay. It could have been great.
We had a crowd of maybe 300, almost 400 and though there were some peace police it was almost entirely all people ready to riot. When was the last time we had that? J20 in 2021? May 25th, the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, also in 2021. We definitely have not had that many people ready to riot in over a year.
We got marching in good spirits, hit a Starbucks, took a wrong turn and almost ended up on the interstate, then hit the intended target of a CPC-affiliated clinic. A little chaotic but we did the thing. No police presence, no riot lines, nothing to worry about.
But then we marched straight back to Grant Park. Why?
We could have taken this ready to riot group down Sandy and hit the five or so banks and a Whole Foods. Could have attacked the Target (they give money to cops and surveillance) which is right across the street from the fake clinic.
Let’s go big! Let’s be bold!
The clinic did not need a 400 person crowd to smash its windows. All around the country, and in Oregon, people have been attacking these places in small groups. When you get a 400 person group together you should do something more than aim for one building’s windows. Portland has been doing this “let’s go to one building only” for two years now. Let’s think bigger. Again, look at a map of Sandy, there’s a ton of banks and Whole Foods and a Target all nearby. Why move the crowd away from those?