A Brief Response to Worker’s Tap Vandalism

“How can we, as medium-to-large cities, publicly attack power in a way that makes us stronger rather than weaker?…rather than trapping ourselves in a cycle of low-level vandalism…how can we sustain combative momentum without becoming more marginalized and disconnected, let alone more specialized and irrelevant?” – Atlanta report-back, 2012.

We see the attack on Workers Tap and its accompanying communique as a counterproductive way of spurring conversation about disability, accessibility and covid. We wish to engage with these questions seriously despite the manner in which they were posed and the absolutist stance the author of the communique took on what are, in our view, issues with some nuance. Continue reading “A Brief Response to Worker’s Tap Vandalism”

Anonymous report back from PDX Tyre Nichols event

Report back and accountability letter from PDX event on 1/27/23 at the Oregon Convention center from anonymous ag’s who helped organize.

On 1/27/23 an event demanding Justice for Tyre Nichols (recently murdered by Memphis police) was planned at 7PM at the Oregon convention center, the event kicked off around 7:30PM with a crowd of nearly 150 people mostly all in black bloc. At the same time this event started there was a second event planned at the Burnside Skatepark led by Dre Miller, past member of J.U.I.C.E. Continue reading “Anonymous report back from PDX Tyre Nichols event”

Anti-Eugenics Action Against Worker’s Tap

In the early hours of January 29th, some disabled anarchist attacked Worker’s Tap through tagging it and damaging a window. Due to the bullet-proof glass, the window’s damage would only consist of small dents. However, multiple phrases were thrown up. A circle “(A)” to signify that this was an anarchist who did this action. A “161” to call out that it was fascists forces whom originally paved the path of COVID as a genocide since April 2020 through the blood of primarily Black and Indigenous disabled people, a road of bones which now many liberals and ableist anarchists goose-stomp on in collaboration with the fascists to maintain a “normal” for keeping bars and other viral-friendly entertainment operating at the expense of disabled lives. Continue reading “Anti-Eugenics Action Against Worker’s Tap”

Portland Oregon Solidarity Action With Atlanta and the Atlanta Forest Defenders

“On 1/20/23 anarchists in Portland, Oregon went after the UPS shipping center in Portland in retaliation after a comrade was recently murdered by the Atlanta Police. Continue reading “Portland Oregon Solidarity Action With Atlanta and the Atlanta Forest Defenders”

Excavator torched in retaliation for the murder of Tortuguita

Answering a call for retaliation against the murder of Tortuguita, we burned a large excavator in Portland yesterday night.

Tortuguita died trying to kill a cop in defense of the Weelaunee forest. Never let this be forgotten.

With these flames we honor their bravery. With smoke we send a prayer into the night that the next cop won’t be so lucky.

We attack the same machines that threaten the forest in Atlanta and everything wild.


Until every cop is dead and all they defend burnt to ashes.


submitted anonymously, image unrelated

Bank of America set on fire in Portland

submitted anonymously 12/31

Last night I broke into a Bank of America in Portland, Oregon and started a large fire. According to news reports, the fire grew quickly and took firefighters more than an hour to extinguish.

I attack for revenge against capital for the hell it creates, to break the illusion of police control that usually protects it, and just because I can.

Bank of America funds the Atlanta Police Foundation and a thousand other projects of control. Earlier that day, the six friends in Atlanta charged with “domestic terrorism” were released from jail. May this fire bring them some warmth in winter.

Long live anarchy!

Banner Drop In Solidarity With 5 Arrested Forest Defenders Charged With Domestic Terrorism In Atlanta GA USA

submitted anonymously 12/17

5 people have been arrested and charged with Domestic Terrorism for their alleged connection to Defend The Atlanta Forest movement in USA. These arrests were notoriously brutal, included the deployment of chemical weapons repeatedly, and placed unfounded charges against them in an effort to torture, terrorize, and brutalize.

We want every prison to burn, every prisoner to be free, and the violence of the state to be destroyed. We must stand in unflinching solidarity with all those arrested, and be committed to absolute resistance to any current or future state investigation, no matter what it requires of us. Anything less is unconscionable.

Send them mail here:

Francis Carroll – #X2210240 Dekalb County Jail 4415 Memorial Drive Decatur, GA 30032

Nicholas Dean Olson – #X2210239 Dekalb County Jail 4415 Memorial Drive Decatur, GA 30032

Serena Hertel – #X2210242 Dekalb County Jail 4415 Memorial Drive Decatur, GA 30032

Arieon Robinson – #X2210252 Dekalb County Jail 4415 Memorial Drive Decatur, GA 30032

Voiselle Leonardo – #X2210238 Dekalb County Jail 4415 Memorial Drive Decatur, GA 30032

Mail must be a pre-stamped postcard, letters/envelopes are not allowed. Photo postcards are allowed but no obscene or violent images. Books must be softcover, shipped from a reputable supplier (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), Nothing “violent, pornographic, or obscene” …

In the days following the arrests of Atlanta forest defenders a San Francisco Wells Fargo Bank was attacked in solidarity.”Mitch Graul, a Lead Business Execution Consultant at Wells Fargo, sits on the Board of Trustees of the Atlanta Police Foundation.” www.indybay.org/newsitems/2022/12/15/18853422.php

From the West Coast, love and rage to the imprisoned Atlanta 5,

In solidarity with with Marius Mason and Jessica Reznicek and all other environmentalist prisoners,

In solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, Juan Sorroche, Ivan Alocco, and Anna Beniamino,

In solidarity with Giannis Michailidis in their hunger strike for their release,

In solidarity with Toby Shone who is being held in prison for 8 drug offenses from 2021 after terrorism charges were dropped,

 For anarchy.

For more info: https://defendtheatlantaforest.org/ Stop Reeves Young: https://stopreevesyoung.com/ Cops Of Cop City: https://copsofcopcity.noblogs.org/ Stop The Atlanta Police Foundation: https://stopapf.noblogs.org/ Scenes From The Atlanta Forest: https://scenes.noblogs.org/ Bail fund: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/contribute-to-the-atlanta-solidarity-fund

Continue reading “Banner Drop In Solidarity With 5 Arrested Forest Defenders Charged With Domestic Terrorism In Atlanta GA USA”

Attack on “Lewis and Clark Column” in Washington Park

In the early morning hours of so-called “Thanksgiving,” some anarchists visited the Lewis and Clark column in Portland’s Washington Park. Chunks of the statue were broken off and the entirety of the column was doused in red paint. A metal plaque celebrating US genocide was ripped off and dumped in the river. The column was redecorated with “Land Back” and other slogans.
Fuck Thanksgiving.
Fuck Lewis and Clark and all other colonizers.
Death to America.

Stone "Lewis and Clark Column" vandalized with red paint

Arson Attack In Solidarity With Alfredo Cospito

On the night of November 21s, a KONE service truck was set ablaze while parked behind their corporate office in Milwaukie Oregon.

This fire was lit for anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito in solidarity with his hunger strike against the 41Bis regime in Italy as a part the international call to action

Cospito was arrested in 2012 and remained imprisoned by the Italian state ever since. According to prosecutors he was linked to various clandestine actions and membership in the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI). Throughout his imprisonment he has remained committed to the anarchist struggle by texts and interventions. Eventually, on the 5th of May, he was cut off all contact to other humans. From that day on and indefinitely, he lives under the so called 41Bis regime, in a blatant attempt by the Italian state at total isolation.

The multinational corporation KONE a manufacturer of elevators, escalators, and door systems has contracts with prisons and military facilities worldwide, including the Aviano NATO Air Base in Northeastern Italy, through their subsidiary KONE SPA.

Through the practice of revolutionary solidarity we aim to break the isolation of the prison cell. By attacking the corporate infrastructure that enables the system of mass incarceration it is our intention to expand the struggle against prisons beyond the prison walls. To ensure that no prisoner struggling for freedom does so in isolation

Solidarity with Juan Sorroche, Ivan Alocco and Anna Beniamino who have joined Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike against the 41Bis regime.

Solidarity with the Alabama prison movement that recently completed a 3-week work stoppage that effected all 13 prisons in the Alabama Department of Corrections system.

submitted anonymously

Attack on Adidas Headquarters In Retaliation For 2022 Qatar World Cup

A communique and call to action:

Early November 20th, several hours before the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup, we smashed up most buildings at the Adidas North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We shattered windows, broke doors and covered walls with paint across the corporate campus, including office buildings, the gym and cafe. Adidas is one of FIFA’s primary long-term partners, and a main sponsor of the World Cup in Qatar this year.

The history of the World Cup is one of death and displacement. Every stadium stands upon the dead bodies of workers who built it. In Qatar, over 6,500 migrant workers from South Asia died during the decade of preparations for the 2022 World Cup, forced to work in slave conditions. The World Cup was made possible by hundreds of thousands of migrant workers forced into labor through a combination of physical violence, threats of imprisonment, passport confiscation, debt bondage, and more. Every World Cup involves the violent evictions and displacement of thousands, replacing whole neighborhoods with stadiums and other infrastructure. The entire operation is protected by huge increases of militarized policing and surveillance, with 3,000 riot cops sent from Turkey, 4,500 soldiers from the Pakistan army and forces from the British Royal Navy and Air Force coming to Qatar to enforce control during the World Cup. All this is enabled by the huge companies that sponsor the World Cup and FIFA in the interest of profit.

We reject the logics of global capitalism and the state, and the endless violence they create together. All that’s left to do is fight back.

In every city you can find the property and infrastructure of companies complicit in the World Cup. This is a call for a month of attacks against all involved, wherever they are, from now until the Cup’s ending in late December. Find a target, gather your friends, and make a plan to strike back!

From Portland to the world,

Fuck Adidas. Fuck FIFA.

Death to work, every state and every cop.

The sponsors and partners of FIFA and 2022 Qatar include:


-Coca Cola

-Wanda Group



-Qatar Airways

-Qatar Energy






-Frito Lay

-The Lock Company


-Mengniu Dairy


-Anheuser-Busch InBev




-New Balance