Anti-Maskers Confronted at Le Care Pharmacy and the Revolutionary Potential of Anti-Eugenics Action

On a September cloudy day, two anti-maskers were confronted by a disabled militant for enacting the lethal violence of spreading a virus that has been known to be The Major Killer of disabled people in this decade (source: One revealed how most of their kind are fucking cowards, and ran away. The other masked up, not willing to throw down for their “right” to be unmasked. This was an action of community defense, making the pharmacy safer for disabled people to receive their bivalent booster. Continue reading “Anti-Maskers Confronted at Le Care Pharmacy and the Revolutionary Potential of Anti-Eugenics Action”

Butcher Shop Attacked

This past week I went out at night and visited a butcher shop at “Laurelhurst Market” at 3155 E Burnside St. I smashed the windows, and poured rat poison on the animal carcasses.
It is a small amount of damage for the lives animal consumption takes and the suffering it causes.

submitted anonymously

Lessons from the 2020 Uprising: Snitches, Cameras and Undercover Agents

This article provides a brief overview of some criminal cases from the Portland 2020 uprising, and discusses some lessons that can be learned from them. We try to identify and name snitches, including informants and journalists whose work has helped the state, and describe the tactics used by law enforcement, especially undercover agents. This article is obviously incomplete, and there is far more evidence, cases and stories than we could possibly find ourselves and include here.

Send us any information about snitches in the Portland area, “journalists” who’ve helped the state, or experiences with undercovers: OR
Continue reading “Lessons from the 2020 Uprising: Snitches, Cameras and Undercover Agents”

Some critiques of the demo on 6/25

Submitted Anonymously

Tonight, June 25, was okay. It could have been great.
We had a crowd of maybe 300, almost 400 and though there were some peace police it was almost entirely all people ready to riot. When was the last time we had that? J20 in 2021? May 25th, the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, also in 2021. We definitely have not had that many people ready to riot in over a year.
We got marching in good spirits, hit a Starbucks, took a wrong turn and almost ended up on the interstate, then hit the intended target of a CPC-affiliated clinic. A little chaotic but we did the thing. No police presence, no riot lines, nothing to worry about.
But then we marched straight back to Grant Park. Why? Continue reading “Some critiques of the demo on 6/25”

Crisis Pregnancy Center Donor Attacked

Submitted Anonymously

Last night, while the country reeled with horror from the overturning of Roe V. Wade, one of the donors to Oregon’s predatory CPC fund was attacked.

The local businesses and charitable organizations that keep these institutions alive have addresses, windows, walls, and interiors, and we have a responsibility to make sure enough of their funds are rerouted into property and merchandise repair, that they can no longer help sustain this oppressive industry. Continue reading “Crisis Pregnancy Center Donor Attacked”

Anti-Gender Monstrocity: Vulgarities on Gender and Pronouns

My “preferred gender pronouns are the sound of shattering glass, the weight of [a] hammer in [my] hand[,] and the sickly-sweet aroma of shit on fire.” If that creates discomfort in you, ‘it’ is acceptable as well; ‘it’ pronouns—from a personal, volatile, experience with gender—serve as an attack on the gendered binary hellscape we live in, especially when no opportunity for physical attack presents itself. Continue reading “Anti-Gender Monstrocity: Vulgarities on Gender and Pronouns”