Portland Bank of America attacked in solidarity with Atlanta Forest defenders

“Portland, Oregon”, Earth Night:

The doors, windows and ATMs of Bank of America financial center were broken and the building was redecorated with messages against the destruction of Atlanta forest.
Bank of America was attacked because of its funding of the Atlanta Police Foundation and the cop city project attempting to replace the forest with police infrastructure.
Fuck cops
Fuck banks
From the west coast, solidarity with those defending the forest.

Plan, prepare, attack!
Carpe noctem friends


submitted anonymously

Anarchist Equinox Spring Mutual Aid Fair

We are a group trying to organize a zine and mutual aid fair/distro to celebrate the Spring Equinox in Portland on March 20th. Attached is the teaser flyer. Please post and spread and let anyone know to reach out to us with questions or comments. The plan is to release an updated flyer with more details on what will be hosted at the fair, but keeping it vague (e.g. Zines! Food!, etc.) no specific orgs named or anything.
Flyer reads: Anarchist equinox spring mutual aid fair. 3/20 1 PM. Lents Park. more details to come

Why are we still standing outside of precincts?

Tonight, Feb 4, we stuck it to PPB by… yelling at them for a couple hours. And making them take their squad cars into the IJC basement parking from the street. Impressive. Why are we still doing this? Because it was effective in June of 2020? Was it even effective then or did it just feel effective?
It is 2022. Another Black man was murdered. It is outrageous. We should have millions on the streets. But we do not. Continue reading “Why are we still standing outside of precincts?”

Read About Ebenezer Wheeler and His Encounters with Holiday Spirits — and Support Portland Protesters at the Same Time

An updated retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol follows Ebenezer Wheeler through the streets of Portland, Oregon. Read about Wheeler’s encounters with the ghost of his old partner, Jacob Adams, his tours through the city with the three spirits of Christmas, and how he gains a better understanding of how his greed harms others. This work of parody contains 12 illustrations with image descriptions. Continue reading “Read About Ebenezer Wheeler and His Encounters with Holiday Spirits — and Support Portland Protesters at the Same Time”

New Submission Box! – RCCI update

The Rose City Counter-Info website now has an anonymous and secure submission box for text-only submissions!

In addition to the submissions we usually receive, we’d love to hear your small reports of acts and moments of anarchy in the “Portland” area, even just a sentence or two! We’ll publish these in summaries of what went down in Portland every month or so. Continue reading “New Submission Box! – RCCI update”

Mischief Night Communique

Submitted Anonymously

“We are not slaves, we are dynamite. We are explosive beings with unpredictable reactions.”

On Mischief Night, October 30th, we learned of a concentrated police presence in southeast Portland in anticipation of a gathering at Colonel Summers Park. With Portland Police focused on this small area, we seized the opportunity to attack elsewhere. Gentrifying capitalists in different parts of town faced the force of our rage and mischief. Not a single cop was seen there.

Continue reading “Mischief Night Communique”