ZINE: Street Warfare in Portland

Zine: Street Warfare in Portland – A Manual of Military Strategy

Military doctrine is a practical application, as practical as engineering or chemistry. It can be applied to evil ends or good ones, and regardless of the ends, it is real whether you believe in it or not, and it will be applied to you by the pigs whether or not you choose to apply it for yourself. The purpose of this brief manual is to lay out the basics of military doctrine and strategy for the benefit of street rebels, and to apply these practically to some events that have occurred recently in the city of Portland.

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Fuck Lewis and Fuck Clark

Graffiti on a wall that reads: Lewis + Clark commited genocide + fuck Columbus

Earlier this morning an assortment of natives and accomplices associated with Lewis & Clark College in “Portland, Oregon” scrawled messages across campus in an act of rage.
Columbus Day is going through a rebrand, but are not interested in this wordplay. We want an opportunity to rage, to feel the anger and sadness of 529 years of catastrophe. Continue reading “Fuck Lewis and Fuck Clark”

Aug 22nd Apology To the Bloc

An Apology to the Bloc for My Words on Aug 22nd
When insulting Maranie I used a word I should not have. I have been mulling on my actions for a while, and would like to extend a public (anonymous) apology to the bloc, antifascists and anarchists in general, and to those affected by misogyny and sexism in particular. I should not have used that word because it perpetuates sexual shame. In using that word I added to a long history of using sexual shame to harm and to continue patriarchal control.

A-22 reportback: metro west van driver

Submitted Anonymously
I’ve put off writing any follow-up for various reasons, but if I don’t do it now I may never. Less than two days after A22, I wrote up my experience for LCRW as “Vandy,” and in there I mentioned that I felt like it would be a few weeks before I could wrap my head around how I felt about both what happened to me that day and the overall tactics and events of the day. I gave my initial feelings under that framing, but I’ve had a few weeks to process and some of those feelings have evolved.

Reportback for August 22nd

There were 2 reportbacks on the August 22 conflict with Proudboys. The first one was basic info, parts were left out according to some. The second was reportback was awful and several old school anti-fascists like me didn’t want what was being said to represent us or the movement we have devoted years of our life to building. I felt it was necessary to provide a 3rd reportback, different from the first 2, which focuses mostly on strategy and tactics. This day is over. Let’s not keep getting into a neverending debate on what we should have or shouldn’t have done. Instead, let us review what happened that day so that in the future, we cand produce different outcomes when similar situations might arise. Continue reading “Reportback for August 22nd”

We Went Where They Went — 8/22/21 Reportback

Reportback and analysis from the militant black bloc in Portland on August 22, 2021.

This is a reportback from some of the antifascist crews who mobilized from a rally in downtown Portland to confront proud boys and other white nationalists where they had gathered near Parkrose High School. We don’t speak for everyone who chose to go confront the fascists where they were that day, just ourselves. We are several crews with about two dozen people between us, and this reportback is the product of our discussions about how that day went.

We absolutely do not regret going to oppose fascist violence at Parkrose, but there are many ways we could have been more effective. Continue reading “We Went Where They Went — 8/22/21 Reportback”

Report Back – action in response to PPB’s murder on 6/24

Submitted Anonymously

In response to the Portland Police murder of Michael Ray Townsend on June 24, a parking lot containing multiple Portland Police Bureau squad cars was attacked. A hole was cut into the surrounding barbed wire fence, and a dozen vehicles were hit. All cars had their windows, windshields, lights and mirrors smashed, and abolitionists / anarchists messages were painted across their exteriors. A fire extinguisher filled with paint was used to completely cover multiple squad cars, as well as their interiors.

Everyday the pigs turn our public spaces into open air prisons. We call on all abolitionists to take the defunding and disarming of the pigs into their own hands.

Be bold! Sabotage is fun!

SUV Tires Deflated In Solidarity With Climate Liberation Front

Submitted Anonymously

Last night, over 100 tires on large SUVs were deflated in solidarity with recent actions by the Climate Liberation Front. From Portland to Arlington, we see ya.
An awl through the sidewall is quick and quiet.
It was hot as fuck during the day, over 110 degrees, so we took full advantage of the night. The city would never even get this hot if not for the gases these SUVs emit into the atmosphere, and the miles of dark, heat-absorbing asphalt that have been put down for them to drive on.
Fuck cars, fuck industry, let’s make a hot crime summer.
We all grieve in different ways. For us, attack was a fitting ritual to celebrate everything that was, and mourn all that could’ve been.
In loving memory of H.
-angry ghosts