Attack on Portland Police vehicles during simultaneous protest

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Late April 12th, while the pigs were busy attempting to control a rowdy demo at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the opportunity was seized to attack. The chainlink fence surrounding the parking lot of the Portland Police Bureau’s traffic offices in St John’s was cut through. Tires were slashed and windows were broken on multiple police vehicles, and side mirrors were smashed off. Continue reading “Attack on Portland Police vehicles during simultaneous protest”

May Day is Our Day: A Decentralized Callout

A year ago, when the Covid-19 pandemic first made itself felt, some anarchists on occupied Duwamish Territory (Seattle) put out calls for decentralized actions on May 1st, the fighting holiday of the working classes.

We return to that idea with new perspectives and experiences. Taking up the call: “This May Day we invite organizations, crews, and individuals to take the initiative and plan actions reflecting our diverse and interconnected struggles.” Continue reading “May Day is Our Day: A Decentralized Callout”

Reportback from the Portland black bloc for Robert Douglas Delgado

On the evening of the 16th of April, a flyer had been put out on social media to “show up, bloc up, and be water” at Director Park in so-called Portland, Oregon. Earlier that day, the Portland Police had murdered another person, someone in a moment of mental crisis.

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Fuck Twitter

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Against the anarchist celebrity: In a culture which creates fame and lets it thrive there will never be a total abolition of hierarchies, even the idea of a “anarchist celebrity” is a oxymoron. Fame lets the word of a celebrity or someone with clout be put above anyone else making it easy for a normally random shitty person become even worse and even shittier, letting abusers and creeps thrive. Continue reading “Fuck Twitter”

Life and Death of an Anti-fascist

Originally from The Intercept

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On the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, dozens of protesters in Portland, Oregon, marched to the state Democratic Party’s headquarters, carrying signs against police and the incoming administration. “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge,” one of them read, “for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres.” A few protesters, dressed all in black and with their faces covered, smashed windows, scrawled graffiti, and set a trash canister on fire.


It was a familiar scene in Portland, which was gripped by more than four months of almost-uninterrupted protests last summer following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Local police, under the leadership of Portland’s Democratic mayor, had met those protests with tear gas and violence. But as the city became the epicenter of a nationwide protest movement of historic proportions, it also became a symbol of former President Donald Trump’s battle against antifa, the far-left, radical ideology those black-clad protesters had come to represent. At the height of the protests, Trump sent dozens of federal troops to Portland, where they doubled down on local police’s repression, at one point disappearing demonstrators into unmarked vans. The administration also devoted significant resources to a failed attempt to build its case against antifa, short for anti-fascists, which officials tried to designate as a terrorist organization. As part of that effort, they reassigned scores of prosecutors and FBI agents who had been focused on other threats, like the one posed by far-right extremists — an intelligence failure that was put on stark display when supporters of the president staged an assault on the U.S. Capitol days before he left office.

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Chase Banks attacked throughout Portland in solidarity with #StopLine3

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In the early hours of Saturday, February 6th on occupied Chinook land known as “Portland”, Chase banks throughout the city were attacked in solidarity with the fight against the Line 3 Pipeline expansion, a project being funded by Chase. Continue reading “Chase Banks attacked throughout Portland in solidarity with #StopLine3”

Zine: “Sabotage of ATMs, fare machines and parking meters”

“This zine was put together to share some stories of simple sabotage that have been both inspiring and helpful, and give some detailed (but never complete) notes on a fun, easy and effective way to fuck shit up. The stories are shared in chronological order, because we loved seeing how, when viewed together, reports from anarchists in one city could spark action across the country one month later.
Hope you enjoy it too.

This zine is first a lesson in simple sabotage, but we also hope it demonstrates the potential of an anarchic culture of communiques, a tradition that we’d like to see strengthened among anarchists and criminals in the so-called United States.”

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ATM out of service

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 PPA Headquarters Unchanged Despite Rumors​​​​​​​

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With extensive review, it appears that the Portland Police Association (PPA) is still using their office at 1868 N Lombard St. This is a collection of intelligence gathered primarily by crows local to the Portland area, though some various other critters may have also been involved.

Local crows have seen Brian Hunzeker’s truck, a 1994 red Nissan pickup (Washington license plate: C03205P), frequently at the PPA office during business hours.  In the week preceding contract negotiations on 1/27/21, the vehicle was seen at the location almost everyday.  Brian Hunzeker is the current elected PPA President. Continue reading ” PPA Headquarters Unchanged Despite Rumors​​​​​​​”

Series of Attacks on Cars in the Pacific Northwest – a reportback

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This month in Portland, a car was used to attack about a dozen people, killing one. This year, cars have been used to attack anti-state protestors again and again. The world is crawling with cars. The earth suffocates with asphalt so that they might drive all over over it. The air chokes on the toxic fumes that their engines spit out. Our cities are organized entirely around cars, these gridded sprawls of streets, parking lots, garages, and high-rises caring more about the machine than the animals they threaten. Daily we walk past the mangled corpses of the animal victims that cars murder. Counterattacks have been long past due. Continue reading “Series of Attacks on Cars in the Pacific Northwest – a reportback”