Portland Reportback: Monument to Genocide Toppled and Defaced

Occupied Chinook land. Thanksgiving Eve.

A few days earlier, Indigenous anarchist comrades had put out a public call for a night of decentralized attack against symbols of colonialism for the night before Thanksgiving day. For one group of anarchist troublemakers, one target in particular came to mind.

Since 1903, a bronze war memorial dedicated to the soldiers of the Mexican-American, Spanish-American, and American-Indian wars had stood high on a stone pedestal in the Lone Fir cemetery in Portland. This shameless celebration of American imperialism, colonialism, and genocide enshrined the image of a colonizing soldier in a grotesque display of nationalistic pride. This particular bronze colonizer had stood on his feet for far too long, and this night would be a great night to change that. Continue reading “Portland Reportback: Monument to Genocide Toppled and Defaced”

Trans Day of Rage Reportback — Portland, Nov. 20

On November 20th for trans day of rage, a call was spread underground through the community to meet in the Hollywood neighborhood, a gentrified area far from downtown, which has gone relatively unaffected from the past months of protesting. Another action was being promoted publicly for downtown portland which shifted the focus of the pigs and gave us cover. Continue reading “Trans Day of Rage Reportback — Portland, Nov. 20”

Who Are You Streaming For? —three criticisms of livestreaming

New zine: Who Are You Streaming For? —three criticisms of livestreaming

Who Are You Streaming For? is a collection of three critiques of livestreaming at protests. These three have previously been published separately, but in the context of the 2020 uprising are definitely worth returning to. Continue reading “Who Are You Streaming For? —three criticisms of livestreaming”

Citywide Attack in Remembrance of Sean Kealiher!

So-called Portland, October 12th

In the earliest hours of this morning, 161 windows were broken all across so-called Portland in memory of Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio Lewis. Banks, luxury cars, new condos, school buildings, businesses and more were joyfully smashed in by individuals acting in a coordinated attack. We moved purposefully, acted quickly, and no one could stop us. Continue reading “Citywide Attack in Remembrance of Sean Kealiher!”

Introducing Rose City Counter-Info

Rose City Counter-Info is a new counter-info project based in so-called Portland, Oregon. It intends to create a platform for any reports, analyses, communiques, announcements, calls to action, art and musings relevant to radicals and anarchists in Portland and the greater Portland area.

This project fills a perceived need for a secure and anonymous radical content-hosting platform that is specific to Portland (considering that portland.indymedia.org and similar websites are largely products of another era).

Submit any content to “RoseCityCounterInfo” @ riseup.net OR protonmail.com with a same-server email.

Rose City Counter-info is regularly updated and maintained by an anonymous collective.