Happy new year so called portland!! On NYE about 30 people showed up at the juvi and made a whole bunch of noise with hundreds of fireworks and pots and pans. Abolitionist graffiti was painted across the wall surrounding the jail. Some neighbors came out to yell at us who were disconcertingly upset about the noise we made but not about the fact that they are a landlord next to a fucking baby jail. We were able to organize off of social media and only throughout our networks avoiding detection from cops, fash, and streamers. We want to be included in the round up of cities who went out and supported incarcerated folks but announcing an event ahead of time is not something we have deemed safe at this point given past demos and events that are posted about online. We do not need social media to do something and we do not need social media to be successful!! We are here and continue to adapt to what is safest for us as a whole. We stand forever with all incarcerated peoples and will not rest until every prison is emptied and burned to the ground!! Happy new year!!