New Submission Box! – RCCI update

The Rose City Counter-Info website now has an anonymous and secure submission box for text-only submissions!

In addition to the submissions we usually receive, we’d love to hear your small reports of acts and moments of anarchy in the “Portland” area, even just a sentence or two! We’ll publish these in summaries of what went down in Portland every month or so.

The submission box does not log IP (nor does the website in general) and uses end-to-end PGP encryption. We know that safely creating a new email that works with protonmail or riseup can be a lot of effort just to send in a small report, and also that some folks would rather not use protonmail or riseup systems. We’re really happy to introduce an easier and secure alternative!

The submission form has fields for name and email— obviously don’t put in any name or email you actually use. We suggest just doing something like “x” and “” in the first two boxes. Then just write out your submission in the large box, click “encrypt message”, solve the captcha, and hit send. Find the submission form below, or under our submit content page.

We recommend the use of the Tor network when accessing the website, and especially when sending us shit.

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