Mischief Night Communique

Submitted Anonymously

“We are not slaves, we are dynamite. We are explosive beings with unpredictable reactions.”

On Mischief Night, October 30th, we learned of a concentrated police presence in southeast Portland in anticipation of a gathering at Colonel Summers Park. With Portland Police focused on this small area, we seized the opportunity to attack elsewhere. Gentrifying capitalists in different parts of town faced the force of our rage and mischief. Not a single cop was seen there.

As anarchists, we are unpredictable. We are everywhere, except where we are expected to be. This is our strength, and when we act decisively and unexpectedly no amount of cops can stop us. We don’t need mass protests or publicly announced demos to fuck shit up, and often we are better off without them.

Thankfully, it seems most folks planning on gathering at the park were able to recognize the heavy police presence and choose to spend their night somewhere else. This flexibility is important. If the time isn’t right for an action, don’t force it.

Anyone planning an action that could face major police response should carefully consider before making that public. A lot can be achieved with just a small group and some planning, with no need to tip off police and other enemies beforehand. Often, the aftermath of a rowdy demo could have been achieved just as easily by a few crews acting unannounced. If you want something to happen, publicizing a call-to-action should not be thought of as the default choice. Get scheming!

Have fun, make mischief, and stay rowdy, friends!

-some local goblins