Originally posted on anarchistnews.org

This month in Portland, a car was used to attack about a dozen people, killing one. This year, cars have been used to attack anti-state protestors again and again. The world is crawling with cars. The earth suffocates with asphalt so that they might drive all over over it. The air chokes on the toxic fumes that their engines spit out. Our cities are organized entirely around cars, these gridded sprawls of streets, parking lots, garages, and high-rises caring more about the machine than the animals they threaten. Daily we walk past the mangled corpses of the animal victims that cars murder. Counterattacks have been long past due.

Recently, hundreds of tires were slashed or pierced in Portland. Some cars had four tires targeted, some three, some two, some just one lonely flat. It depended on the mood. Slashing tires is quick and relaxing. A simple push of something sharp into an eager sidewall, you hear the satisfying woosh of air being freed, and the tire slowly deflates as you walk away. The giant machine humbled, incapacitated, as it is very literally brought to the ground. For a short time, it cannot kill.
Generally, darkness is best for such a fun pastime, but one can partake in the daylight as long as it’s with sufficient speed and caution. Knives, awls, punches: anything sufficiently sharp and thin can be used.
New, expensive, and luxury cars, and large trucks and SUVs have been the primary targets.

Further, a few cars have been torched recently in Portland. Setting a car on fire takes more preparation, but they burn surprisingly easily. A 50/50 mix of gasoline and diesel works best, and the accelerant should be concentrated in one or a few places, instead of splashed around.
Small camping stoves can also be lit and placed directly underneath a cars fuel tank. They will burn through and set it alight long after you have left. Leave the area promptly.

Make total war on cars.

Stay sharp, don’t get caught, and happy hunting!

-an angry anarchist fighting for the wild