submitted anonymously

Late April 12th, while the pigs were busy attempting to control a rowdy demo at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the opportunity was seized to attack. The chainlink fence surrounding the parking lot of the Portland Police Bureau’s traffic offices in St John’s was cut through. Tires were slashed and windows were broken on multiple police vehicles, and side mirrors were smashed off.

At the same time, a black bloc was breaking windows in at the local sheriff’s office, lighting fires, tearing the light fixtures off of the building, and throwing rocks at police and their cars. There’s a lot of potential in simultaneous autonomous attack, you can take advantage of most cops being busy somewhere else, and you can make the pigs pay for centralizing their resources to repress a demo. If such attacks during militant protests became the norm, it make the police scared to focus all their strength on attacking one crowd, and so spread thin the state’s resources.

The night is yours, if only you take it.