Doorbell Surveillance Cameras Removed and Destroyed — Report and Call to Action

Dozens of Amazon Ring and Google Nest surveillance cameras were removed and destroyed this week from residential neighborhoods in Portland during nighttime walks. The increasing presence of these doorbell cameras are a dangerous expansion of corporate spying and the panoptic surveillance state. The two reinforce each other, with Ring partnering with over 1,000 police departments […]

Rhythm and Ritual: Composing Movement in Portland’s 2020

Published anonymously by Ill Will Editions, October 14th While Portland’s uprising has been part of the general US #BLM movement, it has also been singular in many respects. Among its distinctive features are its continuing commitment to nightly action, the degree of popular support it enjoys from regular Portlanders, the rich new ecosystem of movement […]

Who Are You Streaming For? —three criticisms of livestreaming

New zine: Who Are You Streaming For? —three criticisms of livestreaming Who Are You Streaming For? is a collection of three critiques of livestreaming at protests. These three have previously been published separately, but in the context of the 2020 uprising are definitely worth returning to. This criticism of livestreamers is backed up by the […]

Citywide Attack in Remembrance of Sean Kealiher!

So-called Portland, October 12th In the earliest hours of this morning, 161 windows were broken all across so-called Portland in memory of Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio Lewis. Banks, luxury cars, new condos, school buildings, businesses and more were joyfully smashed in by individuals acting in a coordinated attack. We moved purposefully, acted quickly, and no […]

Introducing Rose City Counter-Info

Rose City Counter-Info is a new counter-info project based in so-called Portland, Oregon. It intends to create a platform for any reports, analyses, communiques, announcements, calls to action, art and musings relevant to radicals and anarchists in Portland and the greater Portland area. This project fills a perceived need for a secure and anonymous radical […]