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With extensive review, it appears that the Portland Police Association (PPA) is still using their office at 1868 N Lombard St. This is a collection of intelligence gathered primarily by crows local to the Portland area, though some various other critters may have also been involved.

Local crows have seen Brian Hunzeker’s truck, a 1994 red Nissan pickup (Washington license plate: C03205P), frequently at the PPA office during business hours.  In the week preceding contract negotiations on 1/27/21, the vehicle was seen at the location almost everyday.  Brian Hunzeker is the current elected PPA President.

Anil Karia’s car, a 2020 Mercedes Benz C (Oregon license plate: 9Y9859), has also been confirmed at the PPA office. Anil Karia is a lawyer and lead negotiator for the PPA and boasts representing “over 50  officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths.​​​​​​” On multiple days the crows observed activity in the building, suggesting it remains active. On 1/26/21 it appeared that hired workers installed a new surveillance system. Additionally, several people in business attire were seen entering through the side door on N Campbell Avenue at the start of business hours. This was conveniently the day before the next scheduled contract negotiations on 1/27/21. Brian Hunzeker was present during that time.

Let’s compare a photo of inside the PPA building on 5/13/14 with a screenshot of the PPA contract negotiations on 1/13/21. Although renovations have occurred in the six and a half years, the rooms are the same.

view inside the PPA building, the room mostly contains conference tables surrounded by chairs, with a few TV screens on the walls. it is an ugly and cold-feeling room.

(Youtube,, date: 5/13/14)

Screenshot from PPA contract negotions Zoom call. PPA officials sit at tables at computers, the front two tables are draped with a black tablecloth, with the PPA logo. The wall has a framed thin blue line flag, and the six people in the room all look like the same middle-aged white guy. The man at the front table is not wearing his mask properly, leaving his nose exposed.

(PPA Contract Negotiations, date: 1/13/21)

A simple search of publicly available ownership records shows the building permits for the internal renovations of the building which account for the minor structural discrepancies between the two photos.

A building/renovation permit issued for the PPA building in 2014

(Portland Maps,

The PPA continues to maintain ownership of the building and has, as recently as of 12/14/20, applied for building permits.

screenshot from Multnomah County property tax records website showing the PPA to be the current owner of the building on Lombard and Denver

(Multnomah County Oregon Property Records,


Screenshot showing activity of property inspections and reviews at the PPA building in December 2020.

(Portland Maps,

On 1/27/21, the date of the PPA-hosted second bargaining session between the PPA and the City of Portland, the building was bustling with activity.  Brian Hunzeker’s truck and Anil Karia’s car were identified outside of the building while contract negotiations were underway.

As per the rules of conduct between the PPA and the City of Portland, the PPA and the City alternate hosting bargaining sessions. All PPA hosted sessions are closed to the public while all City hosted sessions are open to public viewing via video call.  The PPA hosted the second negotiations and as a result they were private and obscured from the public.  The next public bargaining session will be on February 10th and zoom links are available upon reservation.

Brian Hunzeker’s truck and Anil Karia’s car were identified outside of the building while contract negotiations were underway.

Given this clear evidence, area wildlife have determined that the PPA continues to use the building located at 1868 N Lombard St, Portland Oregon, 97217.